Dojc was born in the former Czechoslovakia, and left that country soon after the Soviet tanks rolled into Prague in 1968.


The following year, after a short stay in England, he arrived in Toronto.  From 1971-1974 he attended Ryerson

University where he studied the art of photography.  After graduation Dojc opened up his own studio and began

building his storied reputation shooting for advertising agencies and magazines.


His work received numerous industry awards and Dojc began to be profiled by major media entities around the

world.  In 1989 when Communism collapsed in Eastern Europe, Dojc began to frequent his old stomping grounds

often to reconnect with his parents.  When they passed away, he continued to return to work on Last Folio, a

monumental artistic project he continues to this day commemorating what is left of a rich cultural tapestry of

Jewish life in Slovakia.